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An action-packed crime drama about revenge and betrayal.


Peter Jang’s short action film is a gripping and pulse-pounding exploration of betrayal, revenge, and gang warfare. The story follows Pedro (played by Jang) and Robert (played by Rustic Bodomov), who are forced into a seemingly impossible situation by their gang leaders, leading to a fight to the death.

The film’s clever narrative offers a thrilling plot infused with criminal mastermind and ruthless manipulation, all while showcasing outstanding fight choreography and technical craftsmanship. Peter Jang conveys his talents as a director through well-executed shots, producing detailed continuity editing and an excellent choice of the sound that truly amplifies the mood and energy of all the scenes.

The acting performances are outstanding, with both lead actors delivering engaging performances that bleed into the violence of gang wars, making their characters’ motivations all the more palpable. The technical aspects of the film are equally impressive, with its captivating cinematography, editing, production design, and sound succeeding in bringing the world of gang and criminally-intimidating situations to life.

Overall, Peter Jang’s action-packed short film is an impressive and well-crafted work that provides a nail-biting ride throughout. The film is great to watch, displaying skilled craftsmanship and entertaining plot, whilst conveying characters dealing with themes that can be both universal and topical issues for society that are familiarly realistic and relevant to modern times. It deserves merit for its direction, cinematography, and stellar fight choreography, which alone make it worth the watch. Highly recommended.

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Runtime: 10 min
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