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A spine-chilling horror with outstanding visual effects.


Written and directed by David A. Roncone, ‘Stuck’ is a short horror film that explores paranormal activity and protagonist trepidation. Ianua Coeli Linhart leads the cast as Sophia, who finds herself at the hands of a sinister presence at her new home. Emanuele Di Simone co-stars as the blood-curling antagonist. Set predominately in one location, and with no character dialogue, the film relies solely on suspense and visual effects to maintain audience engagement. A petrifying watch throughout.

The 8-minute horror opens with Sophie creeping up a spiral staircase towards the attack. We learn. via text conversation with her friend, about her apprehension towards the new home. A ghostly interior that will shortly invite a demon-like figure. Sophie’s curiosity leads her to opening an aged trunk, which sparks a bone-chilling conflict that tests her anxiety and consternation.

David A. Roncone has crafted an admirable horror film with stellar visual effects, cinematography and color-grade. Ianua Coeli Linhart’s performance deserves high acclaim for her ability to provoke fear and authenticity. Emanuele Di Simone’s daunting portrayal as the antagonist is extraordinary – amplified with first-rate visual effects. The narrow narrative would benefit from further exploration of the characters – in order to arouse viewer empathy. ‘Stuck’ is a riveting horror that has potential for a feature film adaption. Highly recommended.

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Runtime: 9 min

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