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A Bitter Murmur

A spine-chilling horror about paranormal activity.


Written and directed by Manuel Baeza, ‘A Bitter Murmur’ is a short horror film that delves into a woman’s endurance with paranormal activity. Starring Cailyn Rice as the central protagonist, Sam, the narrative explores her recurring night terrors, which alludes to a deeper psychological connotation. Mary Carrig co-stars as Sam’s mental health therapist, with Matanya Bar-Shalom as the antagonistic presence. A spine-chilling watch with an abundance of trepidation.

Throughout the 9-minute film the narrative unravels the protagonist’s vulnerability – disheartening loneliness fueled by the absence of family and friends. Sam opens up to her therapist about the frequent disturbances at home, which results in skepticism – much to Sam’s frustrations. The narrative later hints at Sam’s childhood apparitions of the same presence, without providing any logic or explanation. Nonetheless, the plot is filled to the brim with suspense.

Manuel Baeza has created an outstanding production, with praiseworthy cinematography by Dominic Lopez. Lighting, sound and post-production is delivered to an impeccable standard that will keep viewers engaged with the protagonist’s apprehension. Cailyn Rice deserves high acclaim for her plausible portrayal as Sam – a fine actress to keep an eye on. In spite of the film’s open-ended conclusion, the narrative is well structured that fits well with the genre. Highly recommended.

A Bitter Murmur Short Horror Film


Runtime: 8 min
Genre: ,

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