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An immersive futuristic sci-fi drama about human endurance.


Directed by Max Pearce, from a screenplay by Pearce and Maria Sara Santoro, ‘Apotheosis’ is an immersive sci-fi drama that centres around a futuristic society where genetically engineered humans take precedence over the naturally born. Rene Leech leads the cast as Selene, a young natural who is determined to fight off stiff competition (from the genetically engineered) to win her place on a life-altering space colony. Dor Gvirtsman co-stars as Fabrizio, Selene’s GE friend and fellow space candidate. A riveting tale of human endurance, friendship and an unjust social order.

Throughout the 20-minute film, which is artfully shot by John Burroughs Hanle (DOP), the narrative explores how social prejudice is affecting the naturally born within the working class. After Selene’s mother loses her job to a GE, she asserts herself into a rigorous testing programme to be part of a new operational team on Ourania – an awe-inspiring space colony. The plot examines her tense friendship with Fabrizio, and her enduring will-power to defy-the-odds.

Max Pearce has created an astonishing cinematic experience, which will no doubt stun the viewing audience. The film is an accumulation of distinguished craftmanship – from production design to onscreen talent. Rene Leach and Dor Gvirtsman both deserve huge acclaim for their enthralling performances, as does Jane Casserly and Ross Turner (in supporting roles). ‘Apotheosis’ has the aesthetics of a Hollywood block-buster – which is credit to the crew’s stellar proficiency. The blazing narrative, which keeps viewers on tenterhooks, is neatly structured and thoroughly entertaining. Highly recommended.

Apotheosis Short Sci Fi Film


Runtime: 18 min
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