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A gripping drama about the hardship of grief.


Written and directed by Mars Lee Mckay, ‘Mosaic’ is a short drama film that delves into a man’s personal struggle with grief. Eric James Schults leads the cast as Elliot, who is grief-stricken by the death of his best friend Joey (Javier Pena). The film explores themes of mental health, loneliness and hope. ‘Mosaic’ is a poignant drama that doesn’t shy away from unraveling the emotional melancholy and instability of the protagonist.

The 23-minute film opens with Elliot in a state of hysteria. Throughout the entire narrative, we are teased with the circumstances behind Joey’s untimely passing – intertwined with Elliot’s aloofness with normal life. Towards the end, the drama gears into the afterlife as Joey interacts with Elliot in an effort to heal his friends emotional wounds.

Mars Lee Mckay has crafted an impressive short with the intention to showcase the trauma of loss. The film is masterfully constructed from the offset – with exceptional intension to detail. The visual use of contrasting tones, warm and blue (of the color grade) helps to emphasize the fluctuant state of the protagonist. Schults delivers an unblemished performance from start-to-finish – a commendable effort worth high acclaim. The accompanying soundtrack is meticulously utilized to enhance the mood perfectly. Cinematography is of a cinematic quality that will keep viewers engaged and mesmerized. ‘Mosaic’ is a touching drama that shouldn’t be overlooked. Highly recommended.

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Runtime: 23 min

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