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Murphy’s Law

An uproarious British comedy – one of the most hilarious short films of the 21st century.


Aidan McGleenan’s uproarious comedy drama that catapults its audience into the calamitous night of Will, portrayed with clever wit by the talented Harry Durcan. Crafted from a script co-written by McGleenan and Durcan, the film unfolds at a house gathering where the mundane turns chaotic when Luke, played hilariously by Haydn Ody, drunkenly unravels a revelation, jeopardizing Will’s six-year relationship with Katie (Lauren Rutherford)

The comedic genius of Durcan, a natural virtuoso, elevates the film into a laugh-out-loud riot, reaching its pinnacle with an unforgettable toilet disaster that adds the perfect touch of absurdity. James Westphal, Isa Wood, and Niall McGleenan deliver commendable performances, contributing to the film’s sitcom vibe and high entertainment quotient. McGleenan’s cinematography complements the narrative impeccably, offering a visually polished experience.

What sets this film apart is its seamless transition from uproarious comedy to poignant reflection, expertly balancing humor and heartbreak from the midway point onward. The result is a witty tale of betrayal that resonates long after the laughter fades. Set in real time, the film’s narrative brilliance and stellar performances from the entire cast make it one of the funniest and most memorable short films of the 21st century, leaving audiences craving more of McGleenan and Durcan’s comedic brilliance.

Murphy's Law Short Comedy


Runtime: 25 min
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