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A peculiar romantic drama about a writer and his beloved main character.


Written and directed by Daniel TupinambḒEstro’ is a short drama film that explores an author’s inability to write a book. Joaquim Lopes stars as the afflicted writer, with Marisa Orth as his fictional protagonist. The narrative delves into the intimate adoration he has for the character, as he journeys into her fictional world. ‘Estro’, which is partially filmed in black and white, contains limited character dialogue – with a heavy focus on visual romance and psychological anguish.

The 19-minute film opens with the writer in a state of limbo regarding his narrative. Suffering from writer’s block and lustful infatuation to the main character, he undertakes psychological treatment, which results in a distortion of reality and fiction. The writer now finds himself amidst the world of his beloved character. An enchanting watch with an abundance of charm and melancholy.

Daniel Tupinambá has created an entrancing film that relies solely on visual storytelling to convey the entire plot. Joaquim Lopes and Marisa Orth deliver stellar performances that will pull in viewer engagement and intrigue. Lopes and Orth portray varied versions of their characters – which is propelled by commendable costume design and make-up artistry. Cinematography is exceptional, wrapped up with proficient lighting and production design. Sound, music and post-production are to be applauded. A peculiar romantic drama that is certain to spark viewer curiosity. Highly recommended.

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Runtime: 26 min
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