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In the Dark

A fantasy-themed horror with a cinematic flair.


Michael Leon’s foray into Hollywood-style fantasy filmmaking, with a paranormal twist, delivers a captivating and chilling experience in this short film. Rief Howey, in the lead role as Cyrus, shines with a compelling performance that anchors the narrative. When a bedtime story sparks his curiosity, Cyrus finds himself thrust into a world where he must protect his younger brother, Jacob, played convincingly by Ezra James Lerario, from a sinister antagonist ripped from the pages of a fantasy book.

Valen Amaris and Andy Guze, portraying the parents, add depth to the storyline, illustrating the prevalent theme of adults dismissing their children’s fears and unbelievable events. The film takes a dark turn as young Cyrus, portrayed with remarkable conviction by Howey, takes matters into his own hands to defend his family against the chilling demonic monster, Drakor, played by Joshua Josey.

The production boasts spectacular special effects and cinematic cinematography by Christine Llerins, creating a visually stunning and immersive experience. Despite their young age, Howey and Lerario deliver commendable performances that anchor the entire film. The narrative weaves a great tale, blending chilling and dark elements with a sprinkle of adult themes, making it a well-crafted and engaging production from start to finish.

In the Dark Short Fantasy Film


Runtime: 15 min
Genre: ,

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