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Foretoken – Omen Of The Outsiders

A cinematic masterpiece that weaves a tale of courage and determination.


Tamas Levardi’s directorial brilliance shines in a cinematic marvel that unfolds the compelling narrative of Énna (Maya Katherine), as she valiantly defends her homeland from Roman occupation. Set against the backdrop of a fictional land, the film delves into Énna’s resilience and commitment, showcasing the personal sacrifices she endures for the greater cause. Nikolas Balfe co-stars as Áedh, Énna’s brother, providing a poignant contrast with his reluctance towards retaliative action, especially in the aftermath of their father’s (James Wingate) death.

Transporting audiences to the Middle Ages, the film emerges as a triumph in costume and production design, offering a high-quality cinematic finish complemented by majestic cinematography. Debbie Beton’s role as the narrative narrator adds depth to the haunting and beautifully shot dramatic tale, drawing parallels to the epic ‘Braveheart’ of 1997. Rob Horrocks and Tikhon Meteor deliver commendable performances as the antagonistic Roman soldiers.

Every aspect, from acting and dialogue delivery to the meticulously choreographed fight sequences and the evocative musical score, is brilliantly executed. The result is a riveting tale that stands as a fantastic piece of filmmaking, leaving a lasting impact on the viewer. Levardi’s meticulous attention to detail and the stellar performances from the cast make this short film a captivating and memorable cinematic treat.

Foretoken Omen Of The Outsiders


Runtime: 22 min

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