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Mad Dash

A one-shot comedy that seamlessly navigates the chaos of a student’s life.


In the uproarious world of Phoebe Rensink’s real-time short comedy, co-written with Katherine Janosky, chaos ensues for 11 frenetic minutes in the life of the protagonist, Alex, skillfully portrayed by Harrison Craig. Juggling the relentless pressure of impending assignment deadlines alongside the complexities of friendship requests and a budding romance, Craig captures the essence of an overwhelmed and stressed student in a performance that deserves high praise.

What sets this film apart is its ingenious execution of appearing as one continuous 11-minute shot, a remarkable achievement for a low-budget production. Clever transitions seamlessly weave through the chaotic narrative, showcasing the filmmakers’ technical prowess. The intensity of the film is heightened by its real-time format, immersing viewers in the whirlwind of Alex’s hectic world.

The craftsmanship extends beyond the compelling narrative; the well-crafted cinematography, commendable editing, and effective sound design contribute to the overall excellence of the production. ‘Mad Dash’ emerges as a well-rounded and intense cinematic experience, with Harrison Craig’s standout performance and the film’s technical ingenuity making it a commendable achievement in the realm of short comedies.

Mad Dash Short Film


Runtime: 13 min

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