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The Redeemer

A striking western that delves into revenge, family and loss.


Written and directed by Harry Locke IV, ‘The Redeemer’ is an American western that explores the hostile relationship between a principled deputy sheriff and his ferocious half-sister. Robbie Allen leads the cast as Jackson (the recently ordained deputy), with Shiah Luna as Moon – a Native American seeking retribution after the brutal murder of her husband and child. Stefanie Estes appears as Jackson’s baleful half-sister (Bronagh). The short delves into themes of morality, revenge, family and grief.

The 22-minute film opens with an introduction to the protagonist. Abandoned by his father at birth, Jackson was raised with ethics and integrity from a U.S Marshal. After an attack, which left him severely wounded and his father-figure killed, Jackson joins forces with Moon to hunt down the perpetrators of their losses. With homicidal retaliation embedded in Moon’s objectives, the narrative probes at Jackson internal struggle with murderous revenge. The film concludes with a perilous conflict between the deputy sheriff and his malevolent half-sister.

Harry Locke IV has created a visually striking film with an intensely riveting plot. The film is meticulous crafted with compelling characterization and an impeccable narrative structure – including a rewarding culmination. As the film is set in the Old West, the crew have gone to great heights by utilizing widescreen cinematography, authentic costume design and a western-toned color palette. The cast performances deserve high acclaim, particularly Allen, Luna and Estes. A praiseworthy nod to the brief, but captivating performance of Alain Azoulay (U.S Marshal). Special effects and post-production are equally commendable. A gripping tale, with scenes of poignancy, that will keep viewers on tenterhooks throughout. ‘The Redeemer’ is a sterling western that shouldn’t be overlooked. Highly recommended.

The Redeamer


Runtime: 22 min
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