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The After

Embark on a journey into an enigmatic realm of an afterlife community.


Salvador Angelo Gonzalez’s experimental sci-fi film immerses viewers in the afterlife, focusing on Lidia Callau Cisneros’ character, Teddy, as she grapples with the bizarre community known as The After. Assigned the crucial task of evaluating candidates for the next stage of the afterlife, Teddy’s journey takes an unexpected turn when a fellow community member, played by Zoey Hawkins, is expelled – a forbidden act that reshapes Teddy’s understanding of her role.

The film’s reliance on minimal dialogue is complemented by the atmospheric prowess of Daniel Shillinglaw’s cinematography, expertly framing and capturing the ethereal landscapes of The After. The sound design enhances the narrative, creating a immersive experience, while commendable costume and production design contribute to the film’s otherworldly ambiance.

With a prevailing somber tone and an overarching darkness, the narrative unfolds as Teddy not only contends with her newfound responsibilities but also grapples with the enigmatic purpose of The After. While the ending may leave audiences with lingering questions, the film successfully establishes and maintains a distinctive tone throughout.

Cisneros delivers a compelling performance, effectively conveying Teddy’s emotional journey in a world where comprehension transcends conventional understanding. Despite its narrative complexity, Gonzalez’s film remains a visually arresting and thought-provoking exploration of the mysteries within the afterlife.

The After Short Sci Fi Film


Runtime: 13 min
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