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The City of the Sand

A visual journey through the industrial process of cement production.


Jaime Munguia’s short documentary offers a comprehensive exploration of the cement production process, from raw materials to the finished product, providing a detailed visual guide to the industrial intricacies. Shot by Mario Gomez in 2007, the film, though appearing somewhat dated, effectively showcases the vast array of man-made machinery involved in the manufacturing process.

The absence of voice-over narration or expert guidance through interviews with specialists leaves the film lacking in informative depth, missing an opportunity to enhance viewer understanding and engagement. Despite this drawback, Munguia manages to capture the intricate machinery and industrial landscape with well-shot and framed cinematography, allowing audiences a clear visual journey through the production stages.

Set against the backdrop of Latin America’s largest cement plant, the film serves as a valuable glimpse into the industrial sector of the region, showcasing the scale and complexity of cement production. While it may benefit from additional insights from industry experts, Munguia’s documentary remains a visually compelling exploration of the manufacturing process, offering a unique perspective on the creation of an essential construction material.

The City of the Sand Short Documentary


Runtime: 17 min

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