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Winter Surfing in Iceland

Surfers challenge Iceland’s winter waves, offering a visually striking ode to unconventional passion.


Ivan Dugonjic’s short film immerses viewers in the rugged beauty of the Westfjords Region in northwestern Iceland, capturing the fearless spirit of a group of surfers braving the harsh winter weather. The film, a concise two minutes in length, showcases the filmmaker’s friends from around the world, united by their shared passion for surfing and a willingness to challenge the elements.

Dugonjic’s cinematography skillfully employs both slow-motion and timelapse techniques, accentuating the awe-inspiring landscapes and the surfers confronting the unforgiving winter conditions. The visuals are a testament to the breathtaking scenery and the dedication of these individuals who seek adventure beyond conventional comfort zones.

While the film provides a fleeting but visually striking documentation of the surfing experience, a potential enhancement could involve additional interview-style contributions from the surfers. This would deepen the narrative, offering insights into their personal connections with the sport and the unique challenges they face in Iceland’s frigid waters.

Nonetheless, Dugonjic’s film is a visually captivating ode to the resilience and camaraderie of surfers, showcasing the extraordinary landscapes that serve as their unconventional playground.

Winter Surfing in Iceland


Runtime: 2 min

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