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Her Place

A comical exploration of 1950s gender roles, and societal expectations.


‘Her Place’ cleverly subverts expectations as Kathryn Parks navigates the role of a 1950s housewife, reminiscent of ‘The Stepford Wives’, delivering a performance that blends humor and darkness. Parks, who also wrote and directed the film, adeptly leads the narrative, exploring the challenges of a subservient lifestyle while skillfully incorporating a twist that challenges societal norms from the past to the present. The film masterfully uses the context of a 1950s setting to provide a satirical commentary on the expectations placed on women during that era.

The addition of Elise Rodriguez adds depth to the storyline, with her role contributing to the unexpected plot twist that subverts the traditional narrative associated with 1950s housewives. The film’s strength lies in its ability to seamlessly blend comedy and drama, using “The Stepford Wives” trope to explore contemporary issues surrounding gender roles and societal expectations.

The cinematography by Mark Palmer is visually captivating, capturing the essence of the era with well-framed shots that enhance the immersive experience. The production and costume design further contribute to the authentic portrayal of a bygone era, creating a setting that complements the film’s satirical undertones.

‘Her Place’ successfully combines elements of satire, social commentary, and humor, making it an enjoyable and thought-provoking short film. The unexpected narrative twist adds an extra layer of intrigue, keeping the audience guessing until the very end.

Her Place Short Film


Runtime: 5 min
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