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Canadian Cannabis: A Short Subject

A visually playful take on the country’s 2018 legalization.


Michael Arsenault’s one-minute experimental 2D animation playfully satirizes Canada’s 2018 legalization of cannabis for both recreational and medicinal use. The film kicks off with a cheeky transformation of the iconic maple leaf into a cannabis leaf, humorously evolving into a joint. The animated short maintains a light-hearted and funky vibe throughout its brief duration, offering a satirical take on the cultural shift in Canada.

This satirical piece does not delve into a structured narrative but instead relies on visual metaphors and playful animations to convey its message. The film’s brevity adds to its charm, creating a lighthearted and whimsical viewing experience. Arsenault’s animation skills are evident in the well-crafted and dynamic visuals, capturing the essence of the subject matter with a touch of humor.

The short successfully captures the spirit of satire, utilizing its short runtime to deliver a playful commentary on a significant societal change. While lacking a complex narrative, the film achieves its goal of providing a satirical snapshot of Canada’s cannabis legalization in an entertaining and visually engaging manner.

Canadian Cannabis A Short Subject


Runtime: 1 min

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