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A moving drama that explores a father/daughter relationship after her coming out.


Directed by Colin Mader, from a screenplay by Alex Moreno & Steve Grabell, ‘Out’ is a short drama film that unravels the relationship between a teenage girl and her father. Celine Alva leads the cast as Toni, a young lesbian, with Christian Diaz as her father. Pauline Sofia completes the primary cast as Ms. Ava (Toni’s teacher). The film explores themes of human sexuality, parenthood, psychological behavior and loss. Set entirely in an American high school, the narrative delves into the aftermath of Toni’s coming out and the effect it has had on her father.

The 7-minute film opens with Toni undertaking high school detention. As Ms. Ava (the supervising teacher) calls out Toni for utilizing her phone, Toni reacts with further misconduct – which leads to a parental meeting. Despite his initial aggrievance over his daughter’s sexuality, David (Toni’s father), leads an intimate conversation in an effort to restore their relationship. The poignant film examines his acceptance amidst the pain of single fatherhood – sparked by the death of his wife.

Despite admirable performances from the principal cast (with well-rounded characterization), the short would benefit from further exploration of Toni’s personal journey, her father’s fledging hostility and the grief that binds them together. Having said that, the intimate setting and dialogue exchanges are deeply moving – which will bring hope and encouragement to many. Mader, Moreno & Grabell have created an endearing short that deserves high acclaim and appreciation. Visually, the film is beautifully shot with stellar cinematography, post-production and sound. A praiseworthy coming out story. Highly recommended.

Out Short Film


Runtime: 7 min
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