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Harlem Fragments

Embark on an emotional odyssey through the universe of family fractures.


Cameron Tyler Carr’s drama, co-written with Danielle Dougé and Wes Andre Goodrich, transcends the confines of traditional storytelling in their exploration of the human toll exacted by the 2008 financial crisis. Set against the backdrop of a middle-class African-American family in Harlem, New York City, the film unfolds through the eyes of a young boy, TJ (Kyle Keyes), as he navigates the remnants of a once-secure life.

The narrative takes a surreal turn when TJ stumbles upon a portal in the closet under the stairs, unleashing an emotional odyssey that confronts the harsh realities of his parents’ divorce – a truth he had either denied or remained ignorant of. Stella Coviello stars as TJ’s sister, Mya.

As the film unfolds, the audience is drawn into the turbulent relationships of TJ’s parents, played with remarkable depth by Roderick Lawrence and Clarissa Thibeaux, against the backdrop of a Wall Street father grappling with job insecurity amid the financial collapse.

Carr skillfully transforms the mundane into the extraordinary, with the closet under the stairs evolving into a metaphorical spaceship navigating the universe of familial history. The black hole becomes a symbol of the emotional rift caused by divorce.

Noah Macneil’s partial 2D animation and Nona Catusanu’s cinematography elevate the film, adding layers of depth and meaning. ‘Harlem Fragments’ is a cinematic gem, expertly crafted, emotionally resonant, and a testament to the power of storytelling in navigating the complexities of family fractures and revealing uncomfortable truths.

Harlem Fragments Short Film


Runtime: 18 min

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