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7pm Laundry

A delightful and visually captivating one-minute treat.


Federico Vinocur’s micro short film, clocking in at less than a minute, offers a delightful glimpse into a young woman’s moment of joyfulness at a laundromat. Starring Lucie Martinat in the sole role, the fashion-themed short radiates eccentricity and vibrancy, capturing a distinct 80s vibe.

The film revolves around themes of self-empowerment, femininity, happiness, and contentment, with the central character expressing these emotions through a lively dance in her denim jumpsuit. The narrative unfolds in the early evening, with the protagonist unashamedly enjoying her solo dance in the laundromat.

Despite the brevity of the film, Vinocur successfully conveys a visual treat with a focus on music and dance, omitting dialogue. The editing, sound design, and cinematography contribute to a cinematic standard, showcasing well-framed and thoughtfully composed shots that enhance the overall viewing experience.

This micro short serves as a charming and uplifting exploration of a woman finding joy in a seemingly mundane setting, celebrating individuality and the simple pleasures of life.

7pm Laundry Short Film


Runtime: 1 min

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