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A poignant exploration of resilience and responsibility during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Galina Chakarova’s short drama, set against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, weaves a poignant narrative centered around Alma, portrayed by Ailema De Sousa. As the protagonist embraces the simple joys of rollerblading, she grapples with the weight of newfound responsibilities, caring for her elderly grandmother amidst the challenges of lockdown.

The film unfolds as a visual and emotional journey, capturing the essence of life during a pandemic with exceptional cinematography by Suzanne Gough. Gough’s skillful framing enhances the storytelling, offering a cinematic quality to the narrative. The tale takes an unexpected turn, delving into the sacrifices made to shield loved ones from the harsh realities of the ongoing crisis.

Both De Sousa and co-star Wiggins deliver compelling performances, bringing authenticity and depth to their characters. Chakarova succeeds in crafting a realistic and emotionally resonant short film that explores themes of responsibility, sacrifice, and the enduring strength found in the midst of adversity. A somber twist adds layers to the narrative, leaving a lasting impact on the audience. ‘Gliding’ stands as a poignant portrayal of life’s challenges during unprecedented times.

Gliding Short Film


Runtime: 5 min

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