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An unflinching dive into a man’s mental anguish.


Hezreel Robertson’s profoundly unsettling short drama, co-written with Cedric Robertson, delves into the turbulent mental state of a man (Jonathan Berry), grappling with extreme grief, guilt, loss, and shame, culminating in a real-time exploration of his suicide attempt. Berry’s performance takes center stage, delivering an unbelievably powerful portrayal that is both awe-inspiring and profoundly distressing.

Set in real time, the film unfolds as Neal contemplates his life, regrets, and the overwhelming sadness he experiences. This deeply unsettling exploration of suicide and mental health startles viewers with its raw and self-deprecating narrative. The film’s intimate nature is accentuated by long continuous takes, effectively conveying the profound emotional pain of the character.

Despite taking place entirely in one location, one room, and featuring a single onscreen character, the film’s stripped-back approach proves to be a powerful storytelling choice. The remarkable cinematography, sound design, and post-production contribute to the overall impact of this hard-hitting exploration of mental health.

While highly recommended for its compelling portrayal, viewers are advised to approach with caution due to the shocking subject matter, making it a challenging yet essential watch.

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Runtime: 15 min
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