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A drama that delves into an unconventional family dynamic amid a global virus outbreak.


Ver Joseff’s short drama film explores an unusual family dynamic, placing a virus-stricken son, Sam (played by Danny Barton), who serves as the family’s breadwinner, at the center. The narrative unfolds as Sam falls ill amidst a global virus outbreak, drawing inspiration from the COVID-19 pandemic. The film, marked by a dark underbelly, takes an unsympathetic approach, portraying antagonist characters in the form of the parents, landlord, and boss.

Despite being a low-budget production, the film benefits from excellent cinematography by Samuel B. Marin, offering a visually appealing aspect to the viewing experience. However, the film is significantly hindered by audio issues, particularly syncing problems, which detract from its overall quality. The potential of the film is compromised as the narrative concludes weakly, accompanied by somewhat unbelievable characterizations.

The cast, including Shelbi Copain as the sister, Raleigh Ohlmeyer III as the father, and Lindsay Anne Williams as the mother, deliver mixed performances that contribute to the film’s drawbacks. While the cinematography stands out as a commendable aspect, the technical shortcomings ultimately diminish the impact of this student film.

Transfiguration Short Film


Runtime: 16 min

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