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Washed Up

A bittersweet examination of friendship, ambition, and the toll of unfulfilled dreams.


Sarah Falkiner‘s short film explores the reunion of two comedians, John McDonnell as Gerald and Debbie Sue Goodman as Laura Ann, who once shared the comedy circuit limelight in the early 80s. Set in a present-day comedy club, Laura Ann takes the stage while Gerald, now relegated to the role of dishwasher, grapples with the divergent paths their pursuit of fame has taken.

Despite the comedic narrative, the film resonates with a poignant and heartbreaking tone, delving into the harsh realities of fame and life. McDonnell and Goodman deliver strong performances that capture the emotional complexities of their characters, creating a compelling exploration of friendship, ambition, and the toll of unfulfilled dreams.

Kurt Long’s commendable cinematography enhances the intimate setting, immersing viewers in the emotional dynamics at play. Flashbacks to their heyday, featuring Mike Dunbar and Rani Young as the younger versions of Gerald and Laura Ann, provide a nostalgic and insightful look into their once-strong friendship, adding depth to the narrative.

Directed with finesse by Falkiner, the film successfully balances humor with deeper emotional resonance, offering a thought-provoking commentary on the transient nature of fame and the enduring impact of lost connections.

Washed Up Short Comedy Film


Runtime: 9 min
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