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A low-budget horror that unravels a chilling tale of revenge.


David J. Webb’s low-budget horror navigates the grim territory of revenge, utilizing an ensemble cast to unravel a narrative centered around the suicide of a young woman ensnared in an abusive situation. The victim’s closest friends take justice into their own hands, embarking on a gruesome tale of retaliation and vengeance that unfolds with gothic themes.

While the film’s budget constraints limit its cinematic aspirations, there’s an edgy quality to the production that may appeal to certain audiences. Webb manages to extract commendable performances from the cast, overcoming the gritty nature of the low-budget setting. The storytelling focuses on the dark subject matter of revenge, creating an atmosphere that aligns with gothic elements.

Despite its limitations, the film delves into the visceral emotions surrounding abuse and the desperate pursuit of retribution, providing a raw and intense viewing experience. The ensemble cast contributes to the film’s impact, making the most of the resources available and delivering a low-budget horror that, while not cinematically refined, possesses a distinctive edge that resonates with its target audience.

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Runtime: 20 min
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