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Christmas 1944

A poignant tale of faith amidst the brutality of war.


Kevin J. McCorry‘s silent drama film set during World War II, specifically on Christmas Eve 1944, is a poignant exploration of the human spirit amidst the brutality of conflict. The narrative unfolds around a young soldier (Adam Murphy), who, grappling with early signs of PTSD, seeks refuge in a church during the wartime chaos. In this sacred space, he encounters a mother and her daughter, played by Jennifer Marshall and Blathnaid Doran, offering him the profound gift of faith in humanity.

McCorry’s storytelling prowess shines through in this endearing tale, creating a wartime narrative that goes beyond the battles to touch the heart. The absence of dialogue becomes a powerful narrative choice, conveying a message that transcends words. Cinematographer Patrick Hughes beautifully captures the emotional nuances of the story, framing each scene with care.

The film’s strength lies not only in its well-crafted visuals but also in the fantastic acting performances, particularly from Murphy and Doran. McCorry’s silent drama is touching and poignant, delivering a timeless message of hope and humanity amid the harsh realities of war.

Christmas 1944 Short Film


Runtime: 3 min


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