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A poetic exploration of moving on, delivered with charm, wit, and cinematic flair.


In Britt Sankofa’s short drama, co-written and starring James Tyler White, the film unfolds as a poetic exploration of the aftermath of a breakup. White leads the cast with charm and wit as Jonathan, who, encountering his ex at an art event, takes a metaphorical stance on their past relationship – expressing that once something is discarded, it cannot be reignited. The narrative, well-crafted and infused with a comical underbelly, explores the complexities of moving on with a whimsical touch.

James Tyler White’s performance as Jonathan is both charming and relatable, capturing the essence of a character navigating the emotional aftermath of a failed relationship. Leela Hart co-stars as Dominique, the ex-flame, adding depth to the interactions between the characters. The film benefits from cinematic production value, featuring pleasing cinematography by Jabari Jefferson, well-lit scenes, and commendable production design.

Sankofa’s direction skillfully brings out the nuances of the well-written piece, creating a visually appealing and emotionally resonant short film. The narrative setup is engaging, and the film successfully combines humor with poignant moments, making it a delightful exploration of love’s aftermath and the subtle art of moving forward.

Flame Short Film


Runtime: 6 min
Genre: ,

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