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The family farm becomes the center of a father’s fixation, overshadowing the lives of his discontented family.


Indigo Parer’s deeply unsettling drama, directed from a script by Josh Massarotti, unfolds a chilling tale of familial tyranny in the film that revolves around a patriarch, Julio, played by Sal Galofaro. In this Australian production depicting the lives of Italian immigrants, the focus of Julio’s obsession is his garlic farm, relegating his relationships with his wife (Francesca Arena) and sons (Josh Massarotti and Tom Arcaro) to the shadows of neglect.

The film opens with a poignant betrayal by Arena’s character, providing a glimpse into the family’s dynamics marked by profound unhappiness. With limited dialogue and an underlying sense of unease, the film immerses viewers in a poignant narrative that explores the consequences of a father’s myopic focus on his past, at the expense of his family’s happiness.

The Italian language, spoken throughout the film with English subtitles, adds authenticity to the portrayal of the Australia’s agriculture community. Alper Kasap’s breathtaking cinematography captures the tone perfectly, utilizing framing and cinematic techniques to enhance the emotional impact of the narrative. Parer’s creation stands out as a perfect amalgamation of visual storytelling, delivering a moving and chilling portrayal of a father’s unwillingness to let go of the past, ensnaring his loved ones in the process.

Imperium Short Drama Film


Runtime: 20 min
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