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What Do You Want?

A hilariously relatable exploration of indecision in relationships.


Al Chang‘s comedy short film brilliantly tackles the universally relatable question that plagues many couples – “What do you want to eat?”. In this witty narrative, John (Kang Kim) and Steph (Lucy Tran) find their relationship tested as they grapple with indecision over meal choices, leading to a humorous exploration of the pitfalls of culinary decision-making. The film strikes a perfect balance between wit and charm, offering a ridiculously entertaining experience with all the right ingredients.

The stellar chemistry between Kang Kim and Lucy Tran enhances the film’s comedic appeal, making their characters’ struggles both amusing and endearing. Julia Kim’s brief appearance as Steph’s mother adds an extra layer of humor to the storyline. Roger Lee’s cinematography is top-notch, featuring well-crafted framing, focus, and shots that contribute to the overall visual appeal.

However, the true highlight of the short film lies in its flawless editing technique and seamless transitions between scenes, elevating the comedic timing and narrative flow. Chang’s keen directorial eye and the impeccable execution by the cast and crew make this a highly enjoyable short that not only resonates with audiences but also leaves them with a hearty laugh.

What Do You Want Short Comedy Film


Runtime: 8 min
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