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Can’t Wait To See You

A one-man film that unfolds a unique journey of a young man’s pursuit of companionship.


Maxwell Rinehart delivers a captivating solo performance in his one-man film that explores the poignant journey of a young man, Eric, diagnosed with glaucoma at 25, as he embarks on a unique quest for companionship using the yellow pages phone directory. Rinehart’s portrayal of Eric is both quirky and comedic, infusing the narrative with a sense of humor that lightens the weight of his impending blindness.

The film, a testament to Rinehart’s multifaceted talents, is entirely crafted by him – shot, directed, written, edited, and acted – showcasing a fearless display of craftsmanship that merits high praise. The cinematic framing, static shots, and sound design are orchestrated with remarkable professionalism, an amazing achievement that adds layers to the storytelling.

Beneath the unconventional premise lies a deeply human narrative, offering a poignant yet uplifting tale that resonates with sincerity. Rinehart’s endearing performance and commendable acting elevate the film, creating a powerful connection with the audience. In essence, Rinehart’s one-man endeavor is not only a feat of skill but a heartfelt exploration of humanity, deserving acclaim for its unique storytelling, technical prowess, and emotional resonance.

Can't Wait To See You Short Film


Runtime: 5 min

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