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At the End of the World

A poignant romance set in the midst of an apocalyptic future.


Directed by Fon Davis, from a script by Fernando Perez & Suzy Stein, ‘At the End of the World’ is a romantic sci-fi film that chronicles an apocalyptical love story set in the future. The short stars A Leslie Kies (Sara) and Victor Manso (John) as two strangers who find consolation in each other amidst world-wide calamity. The sentimental narrative explores themes of loneliness, love, hope, war and trepidation.

The 13-minute short is almost entirely set in one location, an eerie public street, aside from the concluding scene. The film opens with John, an out-of-duty soldier, observing the goodwill of a stranger (Sara) buying a utensil from an impoverished woman. A street merchant (Eric Hailey) is selling historical footage of a by-gone-era – which is displayed on a public screen. John and Sara connect daily over their fondness for a penguin montage – which forms the backbone of the entire narrative. Their flourishing romance, albeit subtle, is prematurely adjourned when John is transferred for duty. The audience can expect high charm and poignancy until the closing credits.

Davis, Perez and Stein have crafted a striking sci-fi film that relies solely on the human condition. The deliberate evasion of overdramatization and unwarranted dialogue gives the film a distinct quality rarely seen in modern filmmaking. Leslie Kies and Victor Manso complement each other swimmingly with their low-key portrayals – a commendable partnership worth high acclaim. Cinematography, production and costume design are skillfully assembled which aids the tone superbly. ‘At the End of the World’ is triumphantly endearing with an emotional edge. Highly recommended.

At the End of the World Short Film


Runtime: 12 min
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