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Before the Oil

Unveiling Norway’s journey from oil wealth to sustainable energy, delivering a captivating and urgent call for environmental responsibility.


Roel Swierenga’s short documentary, presented by the insightful Odd Kvinen, serves as a compelling exploration of Norway’s transition from oil riches to renewable and sustainable energy, addressing the pressing concerns of climate change and ecological threats. As a husky farmer in the hydroelectric power industry hub of Sirdal, Kvinen becomes a poignant storyteller, narrating Norway’s journey from oil wealth to the imperative need for cleaner, sustainable energy to safeguard both humanity and the environment.

The documentary stands out as an awareness film with a crucial message, emphasizing the necessity of phasing out oil production for a greener future. Martijn Heemstra’s cinematography, marked by a cinematic style, elevates the film into a breathtaking spectacle, capturing vast rural landscapes, snow-laden mountains, and terrains that underscore the urgency of ecological responsibility.

Odd Kvinen’s wealth of knowledge is expertly conveyed, making the documentary both informative and captivating. The inclusion of animals, from his huskies to wild reindeer, not only enhances the visual appeal but also serves as a poignant reminder of our shared responsibility to protect and preserve our planet. In essence, Swierenga’s documentary is a high-quality production, seamlessly blending stunning visuals with a powerful environmental message that resonates beyond the screen.

Before the Oil Norway Short Documentary


Runtime: 11 min
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