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The Witness

A comedic exploration of unexpected connections beyond the grave.


In Joel Rees and Glyn Morgan’s compelling two-hander, this gay-themed short film directed by Rachel Pedley delves into the complexities of the human spirit as two contrasting men, one a proud gay individual and the other a Jehovah’s Witness, wake up in a morgue after their demise. What unfolds is a powerful narrative that initially explores clashes of lifestyle and prejudice but ultimately transforms into a tale of compassion, suppressed identity, and self-discovery that leaves the audience with a heartwarming resonance.

Rees and Morgan deliver outstanding performances, showcasing remarkable chemistry as they navigate the intricacies of their characters’ vastly different perspectives on life and death. Directed by Rachel Pedley and penned by Robert P. Bruce, the film expertly balances a comedic flair with a poignant exploration of themes such as religion and homosexuality, providing a thought-provoking and emotionally resonant experience.

The film’s theatrical-like quality is evident in its well-shot and framed sequences, creating a visually compelling narrative that complements the depth of the storytelling. This short film stands out as a high-quality production, successfully tackling sensitive issues with finesse, and leaving a lasting impact through its engaging performances and nuanced exploration of the human experience.

The Witness Short Gay Film


Runtime: 15 min
Genre: ,

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