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Beyond the Wind

Embark on a fantasy adventure, where the narrative comes to life through the enchanting use of silhouettes.


In Arthur Domenigoni’s fantasy-themed tale, skillful craftsmanship takes center stage as silhouettes artfully convey the story set in the 11th century Kingdom of Isopatra. The narrative unfolds around a young prince, Edmond, son of a tyrannical king, on a quest to liberate his people and neighboring states from his oppressive father. Steeped in a mythological fantasy theme, Edmond embarks on a perilous journey to find a stone that promises eternal life, confronting death in his daring conquests.

The film, primarily in French with English subtitles, stands out for its unique narrative voice-over, impeccable sound design, and experimental use of silhouettes to depict unfolding action. While the fast-paced nature of the story may pose a challenge for those less familiar with the French language, the high-quality production compensates with its remarkable visual and auditory elements.

Despite the language barrier, Domenigoni’s film remains a remarkable piece, offering a unique cinematic experience that pushes boundaries. The experimentation with silhouette storytelling adds a distinctive touch to the narrative, showcasing Domenigoni as a talent to watch in the realm of filmmaking. Overall, the film is a testament to fine craftsmanship and inventive storytelling within the fantasy genre.

Beyond the Wind Short Film


Runtime: 26 min
Genre: ,

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