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An unconventional love story that weaves wit, nostalgia, and charm.


In the delightful collaboration between Daniel Rashid and Reilly Anspaugh, this romantic comedy short unfolds a heartwarming narrative around a young woman’s enduring attachment to her talking stuffed animal of two decades. As Zoe, played by Anspaugh, navigates the complexities of a budding relationship with charming Henry, portrayed by Rashid, a comedic dance ensues as she attempts to conceal her cherished childhood companion.

What sets this romantic comedy apart is its focus on the unconventional love story between Zoe and her talking stuffed animal, brilliantly infusing the narrative with comedic brilliance. Rashid and Anspaugh deliver impeccable performances, while Miya Kodama injects a dose of vivacity as Zoe’s best friend. The voice talent of Doug Tompos as Chauncey adds a fantastical touch to the film.

Avi Kaye’s cinematography achieves a professional cinematic finish that elevates the storytelling, and the well-written, quirky script keeps the audience engaged from start to finish. The seamless integration of editing, post-production, and a fitting score contribute to the overall success of this short film. Ultimately, Rashid and Anspaugh’s collaboration captures the essence of love, not just between people, but also between us and our cherished childhood comfort.

Chauncey Short Film


Runtime: 10 min
Genre: ,


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