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A bite-sized animation that intertwines tranquility with a martial arts showdown


In Manuel Ding’s micro 3D animation film, the juxtaposition of serene nature and unexpected martial arts conflict takes center stage, creating a delightful and humorous experience. The film captures the tranquility of fishing in a peaceful natural setting, all while a covert clash unfolds between a Ninja and a Kung Fu fighter. What makes this film unique is the fisherman’s blissful ignorance of the escalating conflict, adding an element of comedic irony to the narrative.

The choice to make the film silent enhances its charm, allowing the visually striking animation to speak for itself. Ding’s meticulous craftsmanship is evident in the well-executed 3D animation, bringing to life Asian-inspired themes with precision and flair. The absence of dialogue doesn’t hinder the storytelling; instead, it amplifies the visual impact, making the film accessible to a broad audience.

Despite its brevity, the film effectively delivers moments of humor and intrigue, leaving a lasting impression. The fusion of martial arts action with the serene backdrop of nature creates a unique and engaging cinematic experience. Manuel Ding’s microshort stands out for its creativity, well-crafted animation, and ability to convey a compelling narrative without uttering a single word.

Serenity Short Animation


Runtime: 1 min
Genre: ,

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