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Karam Camera

An inspiring docu-short that explores the resilient filmmaking efforts of two Syrian refugees.


Liam LoPinto, Hana Barhum, and Shaimaa Al-Sabti join forces in a fascinating short documentary that delves into the inaugural forays into filmmaking by Barhum and Al-Sabti. The film unfolds against the backdrop of Reyhanli, Turkey, the current residence of Syrian refugees Hana and Shaimaa, with LoPinto adeptly capturing the reciprocal documentation processes as they embark on crafting their individual films – ‘Abusing the Poor,’ a fictionalised exploration of mistreatment faced by the impoverished, and ‘The Bakery,’ an interview-style documentary featuring a local baker and her bakery.

Set against the resilient backdrop of the two young girls who have sought refuge from war-torn Syria, the film is a testament to their unwavering optimism and upbeat spirits. The narrative unfolds in Arabic and Turkish, enriched by English subtitles throughout, adding an additional layer of authenticity to their compelling stories. What distinguishes this short documentary is not only its exploration of the creative process in filmmaking but also the touching portrayal of the duo’s determination in the face of adversity.

With its captivating and charming nature, LoPinto’s film offers an intriguing and intimate look into the lives of these aspiring filmmakers, showcasing their resilience and creative spirits. The use of multiple languages adds depth, allowing a broader audience to connect with the themes of hope and creativity.

Karam Camera Short Documentary Film


Runtime: 17 min
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