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Blue Hour

A poignant drama about the COVID-19 pandemic – through the eyes of a teenage boy.


Written and directed by Alexandra Redwood, ‘Blue Hour’ is a short drama film that delves into the COVID-19 pandemic from the perspective of a teenage boy. Theo Martinez portrays the sole character, Theo, who exists in despairing solitude and is isolated from his family and friends. Set entirely in Sweden, the short explores themes of loneliness, grief, hope and self-dependency. A poignant tale that is certain to evoke audience recollection.

Throughout the 9-minute short, 15-year-old Theo wanders the desolate streets of Sweden in a state of melancholy. The viewer is treated to Theo’s inner most thoughts, through voice-over, as he speaks of his longing for connection amidst an uncertain world. We learn of his grandfathers passing and his 6-month separation from his father. ‘Blue Hour’ is a startling watch with an eerie apocalyptic tone. Despite its sorrowful narrative, the film is deeply poetic with climbing hope throughout.

Alexandra Redwood has created a remarkable film that is constructed with narrative and technical excellence. Theo Martinez delivers a profoundly moving performance from start-to-finish – a rising star destined for greatness. The use of voice-over narration gives an authentic quality to the film, allowing the audience to gage empathy with the character. Cinematography, sound and post-production are equally commendable. Highly recommended viewing.

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Runtime: 10 min

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