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Son of Carnival

A gay-themed drama that delves into the tumultuous waters of a long-distance relationship.


Pedro Milward’s gay-themed drama unfolds as an exploration of the complexities within an aging long-distance relationship, placing Marcelo Brou and Ralf Itzel at its emotional core. The narrative revolves around Mark’s (Ralf Itzel) arrival at the Rio Carnival, only to discover that his partner of two years, Baco (Marcelo Brou), has engaged in a fling with another woman, portrayed by Karen Julia. Milward skillfully delves into themes of jealousy and trust, offering a narrative that resonates deeply with the challenges inherent in long-distance romances.

Franco Kustler’s portrayal of a seductive gigolo adds an essential layer to the tale, enriching the exploration of complex emotions within the storyline. The film, presented in Portuguese with English subtitles, unfolds as a breakup story, navigating the intricacies of love and distance with authenticity. The acting is commendable, with Brou and Itzel delivering compelling performances that capture the raw emotions of heartbreak and betrayal.

Rafael Rolim’s adept cinematography contributes to the film’s visual appeal, ensuring that each frame serves the emotional weight of the narrative. ‘Son of Carnival’ is a well-crafted and emotionally charged short film, offering an intimate portrayal of the challenges faced by couples grappling with the strains of separation and evolving desires.

Son of Carnival Gay Short Film


Runtime: 18 min
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