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The Awakening of

A visually artistic yet challenging exploration of our existence.


Jorge Hamilton’s dystopian experimental animation offers a profound exploration of human ignorance towards our existence, the planet, and the nature we inhabit. The film unfolds through deliberate, slow-moving animation sequences, complemented by haunting sound design and poetic text, constructing a gloomy apocalyptic narrative. Hamilton’s artistic vision is evident in the non-linear, experimental nature of the film, where the narrative might prove challenging for some viewers to follow.

The deliberate pacing, especially with the title sequence spanning over 5 minutes, contributes to the film’s atmospheric and contemplative tone. While the 2D animation itself showcases commendable craftsmanship by Hamilton, the slow pace and non-linear structure might pose challenges in maintaining viewer engagement. The post-production work is notably effective, enhancing the overall impact of the film.

Hamilton’s effort in creating a unique and experimental piece is commendable, offering a visual and auditory experience that delves into the darker aspects of human existence. However, the extended duration and unconventional narrative approach may limit its accessibility for some audiences.

Hamilton Short Animation


Runtime: 40 min
Genre: ,

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