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A graphic that tantalizes with it’s eerie aesthetics.


Jorge Hamilton’s venture into horror-themed filmmaking with a promising tagline fails to materialize into a fulfilling narrative in his latest creation. Despite the commendable craftsmanship evident in the graphic design and atmospheric sound design, the film falls short of its potential, leaving viewers with a lingering sense of disappointment.

The animation unfolds as a static image, predominantly featuring a close-up of a tree, a skull, and a lit candle. Smoke effects waft through the scene, contributing to an eerie ambiance. However, this visual composition lacks a cohesive storyline or any discernible plot development. Viewers are left to grapple with a void of narrative, as the film merely serves as a visual montage without substance.

While the commitment to a spooky aesthetic is evident, the absence of a compelling narrative or engaging dialogue leaves the audience wanting more. The on-screen text tantalizingly hints at impending terror set for October 31st, yet the promised chilling elements never materialize.

While Hamilton’s craftsmanship and graphic design deserve acknowledgment, the lack of a substantial narrative renders this horror short film more of a visual experiment than a fully realized cinematic experience.

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Runtime: 3 min
Language: ,

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