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We Should Give a S…t

Generational clashes take center stage as an aging right-wing man confronts two liberal millennials.


Mark Bellusci’s satirical short film cleverly navigates the culture war terrain, pitting a right-wing elder, portrayed by D.G. Chichester, against two millennial left-wingers played by Grace Barbara and Stephanie Diaz. The narrative unfolds as a comical chase through a woodland, culminating in a lecture by the man on the perceived missteps of the younger generation, centered around electoral choices, much to the disinterest of the liberal and materialistic women whose sole concern is retrieving their cell phones.

Despite its low-budget production, the film boasts reasonable standards in sound and cinematography, although falling short of cinematic brilliance. What sets this short apart is its ability to inject humor into the culture clash, offering both thought-provoking insights and a reflection of contemporary societal tensions. The cast, led by Chichester, delivers commendable performances that elevate the film beyond its budgetary constraints.

Bellusci’s work doesn’t take itself too seriously, allowing for an enjoyable viewing experience. The satire successfully treads the line between comedy and social commentary, shedding light on generational differences and the trivialities that often dominate modern discourse. In its simplicity, the film manages to be both entertaining and subtly thought-provoking, making it a worthwhile and enjoyable watch.

We Should Short Film


Runtime: 4 min

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