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A riveting drama that delves into the PTSD of an army veteran.


Written and directed by Peter Jang, ‘Mask’ is a short drama film that explores a veteran’s anguish with PTSD. Peter Jang leads the cast as Nick, who embarks on intense boxing training to overcome his psychological turmoil. Additional cast include; Gabrielle LaJudice (Fiona) and Tim Neff (Tyler). Shot largely in real-time, with limited character dialogue, that film delves into themes of suicide, grief, guilt and mental health. A haunting watch with a hopeful conclusion.

The 15-minute film opens with the protagonist in a troubling state of mental chaos. Whilst training alone at a local boxing gym, his thoughts are consumed by chilling memories of military conflict – intertwined with persistent voice messages from his wife (Gavrielle LaJudice). Mystified by the arrival of Tyler (a deceased soldier), Nick retreats to his car where his breakdown leads him to a life or death decision. ‘Mask’ is a powerful drama that gives an unflinching look at life with PTSD.

Peter Jang (Writer/Director/Star) has created a riveting short with a formidable narrative and stellar technicality. Filmed entirely at night, cinematography and lighting are well crafted – resulting in an eerie quality that coincides with the narrative commotion. Jang’s performance is highly commendable – bringing a level of compassion and authenticity to the mental illness. A gripping watch. Highly recommended.

Mask Short Film


Runtime: 15 min

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