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The Eye: The Unkillable

The unstoppable force of a Korean folktale monster blends with the symbolic journey of a young girl.


Lee Seunghyun weaves live-action and animation in a captivating short film that explores a South Korean folktale centered around the formidable monster, Bulgasal. The film’s symbolic setting sets the stage for a tale of an unbeatable and determined monster wreaking havoc on a local village, establishing a thought-provoking narrative.

When a mother narrates the monster’s story to her daughter, played by Lee Sohyun, who bears an eye tattoo symbolizing the monster, the film seamlessly transitions into the daughter’s contemplation of the powerful antagonist marked on her arm. The animation is aesthetically pleasing and well-executed, contributing to the film’s overall quality.

Though some moments may induce slight confusion, a second viewing proves essential for a complete understanding. The film, translated into English for international audiences, successfully retains its cultural richness. The heart of the narrative lies in the tale of Bulgasal, a highlight that captivates viewers with its intrigue.

Lee Seunghyun’s short film is a well-made exploration of folklore, skillfully blending live-action and animation. Its thematic depth, coupled with the mesmerizing tale of Bulgasal, makes it a compelling and thought-provoking watch, urging viewers to reflect on the significance of powerful symbols in one’s life.

The Eye Short Film


Runtime: 4 min
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