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A haunting thriller that explores the dark echoes of past sins.


Directed by Justin Cutburth, this short horror film embarks on a journey of retribution, featuring Brian Cox as a lone night jogger haunted by a sinister force. The narrative, revolving around the enslavement and murder of a woman portrayed by August Heffner, unfolds over 30 minutes without any character dialogue, creating an atmosphere of eerie silence.

While the film boasts commendable elements such as excellent lighting, cinematography, and strong acting from Brian Cox, it falls short in pacing. The extended setup is overly prolonged, and the lack of significant events makes the film feel sluggish; a condensed version of 5-10 minutes could have heightened its impact.

Despite the slow build, the film manages to deliver an eerie and chilling atmosphere, building suspense as the protagonist grapples with his haunting past. However, the choice of musical score raises questions, occasionally veering into monotony, which detracts from the overall experience.

In essence, the film offers a compelling premise with strong technical aspects, but its prolonged setup hinders its potential impact, making it a mixed experience for viewers.

Repentance Short Horror Film


Runtime: 30 min
Genre: ,

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