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Why Do We Trust Rotten Tomatoes?

A satirical stab at corruption within the word’s leading entertainment review website.


Oli Stening directs a dark comedy horror film that unveils a satirical take on corruption, with Kristy Wordsworth delivering a standout performance as Madame Malicious, the cunning antagonist behind the scenes at Rotten Tomatoes. Fueled by the fear of Australia’s rising success, Madame Malicious orchestrates a ruthless retaliation against filmmakers Stan (Oli Stening) and Nick (Jarrod Barling), resulting in a funny, dark, and shockingly satirical cinematic experience that holds audiences captive throughout.

The film seamlessly blends horror with humor, creating a unique and captivating narrative. Kristy Wordsworth’s portrayal of Madame Malicious is nothing short of thrilling, contributing to the overall success of the film’s dark comedic tone. Cazimir Dickson’s cinematography elevates the storytelling, providing spectacular and highly cinematic visuals that add to the film’s professional and polished atmosphere.

From lighting to production and costume design, every aspect of the film exudes professionalism, making it a standout in the cinematic landscape. In essence, Stening’s creation is not just good; it’s a superbly crafted, very entertaining film that skillfully navigates the delicate balance between horror and humor, leaving a lasting impression on its audience.

Why Do We Trust Rotten Tomatoes Short Film


Runtime: 40 min
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