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A gripping thriller that delves into a chilling pursuit for online fame.


In Al Chang‘s riveting short thriller, the dark underbelly of social media fame takes center stage as four female friends, portrayed by Kathryn Hutchinson, Angie Jho Lee, Jennifer Hsu, and Theresa Bome Kim, embark on a collective journey toward internet stardom, only to face a sinister occurance. As the friends receive disturbing footage of themselves being stalked following their latest video post, suspicions arise, and alliances fracture. The narrative deftly weaves a tale of paranoia and intrigue, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats.

Al Chang‘s direction coupled with Roger Lee’s cinematography elevates the production, capturing the essence of the characters’ descent into the haunting consequences of their pursuit of online notoriety. The original script lays a solid foundation for the tension-filled plot, while the framing and sound design contribute to the overall atmosphere of suspense.

The ensemble cast delivers commendable performances, heightening the emotional impact of the unfolding drama. Chang’s exploration of the dark desires behind the quest for fame culminates in a mysterious and startling conclusion that leaves a lasting impression. With its well-executed elements and a gripping storyline, this short film successfully navigates the complexities of modern-day aspirations and the potential consequences of chasing after the elusive allure of social media success.

Viral Short Thriller Film


Runtime: 11 min
Genre: ,


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