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The Barter

A high-action tale set in the dystopian wild west.


Luis Del Castillo’s apocalyptic-style action film explores the harrowing captivity of three women in the desolate wilderness of the West Coast of the United States, setting the stage for a high-stakes exchange between ruthless groups. The film boasts a promising ensemble cast and is visually elevated by Yoko Kasanova’s exceptional cinematography, featuring breathtaking landscape videography and drone photography that captures the stark beauty of the deserted setting.

However, despite the promising premise and impressive visuals, the film falls short in execution. The acting and dialogue, while not inherently flawed, lack the dynamism needed to fully engage the audience in the suspenseful narrative. The abrupt shifts in music, oscillating between high-action sequences and melancholic tunes, disrupt the film’s intended tone and fail to allow the actors to convey emotions effectively.

Technical issues, such as imbalanced color grading and low-quality sound, further detract from the overall viewing experience, making it challenging for the audience to fully immerse themselves in the storytelling. Despite a promising tagline, the film struggles to deliver a cohesive and captivating tale, leaving viewers wanting more substance and consistency in its execution.

In spite of the shortcomings, the film offers an exciting glimpse into a world with immense potential. With a dedication to refining execution, addressing technical nuances, and building on its promising foundation, this apocalyptic film has the potential to carve its niche in the genre.

The Barter Short Film


Runtime: 21 min
Genre: ,

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