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The Monster of Mount Cimino

A compelling exploration of the unexplained.


Francesco Altamura’s short animation delves into the captivating ambiguity between truth and fiction, unfolding the enigmatic tale of “The Monster of Mount Cimino” that has stirred intrigue in a local Italian town. Narrated firsthand by Stefano Trillini, the film immerses viewers in a mysterious account of encountering a spectral figure crossing the street, only to vanish before their eyes – a perplexing experience shared by others in the community.

Altamura crafts this beguiling narrative with a masterful blend of Italian language and 2D animation, adorned with English subtitles. The animation’s cool blueish tones create an atmospheric backdrop, accentuating the chilling underbelly of the story. The craftsmanship shines through, with the animation serving as a compelling visual companion to Trillini’s narration, seamlessly enhancing the overall narrative experience.

Despite its brevity, Altamura’s film captivates with its concise storytelling, leaving audiences pondering the blurred lines between folklore and reality. The evocative use of animation, coupled with the immersive voiceover, elevates the film, making it a compelling exploration of the mysterious and the unexplained in the quiet corners of Italian folklore and local legend.

The Monster of Mount Cimino Short Animation


Runtime: 1 min
Genre: ,

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