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The Lost Sound

A chilling Italian folk tale of a flute-playing girl’s mysterious fate.


Francesco Altamura’s one-minute narrative plunges viewers into the enchanting world of Italian folklore, centered around the mystique-laden Monte Cimino mountain. Narrated with haunting resonance by Stefano Trillini, the short film weaves a chilling narrative of a young flute-playing girl whose destiny is entwined with the sinister Duke. Kidnapped and abandoned in the foreboding forest, her spectral melodies continue to echo through time, leaving an indelible mark on Monte Cimino.

Altamura employs the evocative power of 2D black and white animation to bring this haunting tale to life within the constraints of a micro-short film. The brevity of the narrative enhances its impact, creating an intense and ephemeral cinematic experience that leaves the audience yearning for more. The film’s narrative lies not only in its visual storytelling but in the atmospheric delivery of Stefano Trillini’s voice-over, casting a spell that resonates beyond the screen.

Altamura captures the essence of folk tales, drawing viewers into a world where the boundary between reality and myth is blurred. The haunting allure of the flute’s echoes in the forest lingers, inviting audiences to delve deeper into the enigmatic folklore of Monte Cimino and the untold stories that may lie beneath its ancient canopy.

The Lost Sound Animation Folk Tale


Runtime: 1 min
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