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Hit Friends

A wickedly funny dark comedy where assassins navigate friendship, Grindr, and childlike spats.


Daniel Rashid‘s dark comedy masterpiece, co-written with and starring Sterling Jones, is a riotous rollercoaster of laughs and lethal antics. In ‘Hit Friends’, Paul (Sterling Jones) and Alice (Kelley Jakle) seamlessly blend their day jobs as assassins with the challenges of their peculiar friendship. Jones, portraying the gay and self-obsessed Grindr enthusiast Paul, delivers a performance that is both uproarious and heartfelt as he navigates the complexities of a failed situationship with Jon (Sterling Sulieman).

The comedic genius shines through as the duo bickers childishly over Alice’s theme park visit, injecting a delightful levity into their perilous hit jobs. Lisa Schurga’s role as Mary, a target offering sage advice before meeting a bullet, adds a brilliant touch of irony.

What sets ‘Hit Friends’ apart is its originality; Rashid’s clever dialogue and unexpected twists keep the audience in stitches. Avi Kaye’s cinematography is a visual feast, capturing the essence of the characters and their eccentric world with commendable professionalism.

The flawless acting and impeccable comedic timing make this short film an absolute gem, leaving audiences craving more of Rashid’s ingenious storytelling and the stellar performances of the cast. This short is a triumph in the realm of dark comedy, offering a hilarious and unforgettable cinematic experience.

Hit Friends Short Comedy Film


Runtime: 13 min
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